Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dark West

Today I was in Best Buy, looking at some movies, when I realized that they had re-released the 1966 Batman movie, I guess in an attempt to cash in on the newest film. However, I think they may have misled the consumers a bit with the DVD case. For a point of reference, here is the original DVD case from when I bought it a few years ago:

And here is the new case:

Not only does the front try to copy the mood of the newer films, but the back shows Adam West Batman standing menacingly (as menacingly as Adam West can be) in front of a darkened cityscape, as if he is prepared to beat crime's face in. People are going to be disappointed when they buy this, thinking Adam West is going to jump out of the shadows and throw people against walls without sound effects. Of course, this disappointment may fade away once they see that 1966 Batman can take on fucking sharks.

Artist's Rendition:

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